Welcome to LV-FON initiative - by Blue Star Communications, LLC.


This site is designed for our affiliates and employees who are part of this new service. At Blue Star Communications, LLC., we have been serving business customers since 2006 and this site is an extension of the services we already provide.

Current Affiliates

Please use the affiliates portal for your day-to-day business interactions relating to this new addition.

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Imagine the possibilities!

You are covered – whether you are a multi-national company with thousands of long distance calls per day or you just want to keep in touch with that very dear someone! We also provide follow-me international numbers with very competitive packages.

Did you know...

We are the best in the nation it comes to calling cards. Try our calling cards and we promise you'll become our newest loyal customer. Since calling cards are not our core business, we do not overcharge or add hidden charges like connection fee, etc.

This service is offered to our current business partners and their customers. For more info, please talk to your service provider or contact us directly.

Thank you!